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Here’s an example of hidden costs on the site when you try to upgrade your hosting package from “Starter” to “Plus”. On the first screen, you’re presented with a list of options – the “Plus” plan looks quite reasonable at £3.75 per month.

A page displaying the upgrade options – the Plus plan is £3.75 per month Now what happens when we click on the “Upgrade Today” button… The price is now £59.88 per year, which is £4.99 per month.

On calling 123-reg’s customer service team the call was escalated to the highest person in the call centre, who still wasn’t able to explain why you cannot buy the hosting package at the advertised price. One of the the agents I spoke to suggested that this “might be VAT” – which if you do the maths is impossible.

At time of writing I’m awaiting a call from 123-reg’s legal team to explain this.