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Harry Brignull

Harry Brignull is an Independent User Experience Designer in London, UK. He blogs at 90percentofeverything.com, and curates this site, Darkpatterns.org —  to understand deceptive user interfaces, with the aim of stamping them out and improving the web for everyone.




Marc Miquel is a User Engagement PhD researcher & Game Designer in Barcelona, Catalonia. He is studying how Wikipedia editors engage in writing in the most successful knowledge repository. He curates this site because he loves persuasion but thinks there should be mechanisms to protect the user from bad practices in web and technological design in general. You can find him at marcmiquel.com.





Jeremy Rosenberg is a User Experience Designer working in London. His background is on the trading floor of a big bank before he re-trained by studying for a BSc in Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience and an MSc in HCI. He curates this site because it’s become a valuable resource and he’d like to see it continue to track bad practices so that users can be aware of them and in the hope that by raising their profiles companies will think twice about implementing them. You can find him at jeremyrosenberg.co.uk and @jeremy74.



James Offer

James Offer is a freelance User Experience Designer based in London. He has a strong interest in how the use of psychological and gamification theories can influence user behaviour. The use of these tactics to influence users in actions that might be against their better interests is why he curates Dark Patterns — to catalogue these techniques in the hope they can be combated. You can find him blogging at codehesive.com and on Twitter at @joffley.