Socedo: Bait and switch

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On day 7 of your 14 day trial, Socedo displays a persistent modal popup, which cannot be dismissed until you enter your credit card information. This essentially locks your account. This is deceptive because the user enters the 14 day free trial expecting to get the full period with no credit card needed. In actual… Read more » fake queue

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In December 2014, experimented with a gateway UI that prevented users from accessing their website directly, pretending that their website was so popular, there was a queue. In fact it was entirely faked, and it was possible to remove the gateway by turning off Javascript. The purpose of this queue was likely to an… Read more »

Skype Accounts, Impossible to Delete

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Once a Skype account is created, it can’t be deleted. Getting personal information off their system is a two step process according to Skype’s FAQ. First, one is to go to their profile and “Remove your personal details by adding random characters in the fields…” If you want your Skype name removed from the directory… Read more »

Royal Mail’s Marketing Consent

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By default, Royal Mail’s registration includes consent to be contacted about products, services and offers sent via post, telephone, email, SMS and other electronic means. To opt out, new users must read carefully and tick each of the four boxes.’s Trick Question

Posted by & filed under Trick Questions. really, really wants to send you promotional emails. During the checkout process, in a box labelled ‘Contractual conditions’, are two checkboxes. Most users, skimming the label of the first box, will read “Tick this box … read and accepted …” and will tick the box. A closer reading reveals that you’re actually signing up… Read more » app (November 2013)

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Sign up flow has a deceptive design that makes it easy for customers to email a link to all their contacts.   1/ As part of the on-boarding flow, days asks if you want to follow people found in your address book. Hit ‘Skip It’. 2/ Facebook. Hit ‘Skip It’. 3/ Twitter. Hit skip. Note… Read more »