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Capital One does this when you first sign into their website to check your credit card balance. Suddenly, a physical bill will no longer come to your door, and you are expected to figure out when to pay your bill next on their website. When you figure out that you are no longer receiving a physical bill (after you’ve damaged your credit rating, most likely), and navigate to their website to resubscribe to a physical bill. You will not find the option and must call them to resubscribe.

What should happen here?

  • Companies should be willing to email details, not just hide them behind a website.
  • Companies should provide a flexible choice of what is regularly emailed, e.g. nothing versus an alert versus summary details versus the entire breakdown.
  • Companies should consider supporting delegated login services like Open ID – including those available to every user of Google, Yahoo!, and others; as well as , Twitter and Facebook, to ease the friction of logging in. this depends on the nature of the data and services offered within their walled garden, but many times (e.g. a gas bill), it is far from critical.