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Sign up flow has a deceptive design that makes it easy for customers to email a link to all their contacts.


1/ As part of the on-boarding flow, days asks if you want to follow people found in your address book. Hit ‘Skip It’.
2/ Facebook. Hit ‘Skip It’.
3/ Twitter. Hit skip. Note the placement of the ‘Skip It’ button.
4/ Last stop is invite friends. By this point the user may well be on auto-pilot just clicking the ‘Skip It’ button.
5/ The buttons have been reversed which makes it extremely easy for the user to make the mistake of spamming their contact list.

What should have happened:

  1. The app should not have designed the last page of the flow with the buttons switched around.


We have recently re-visited this app and it appears that they have amended the problem. The buttons no longer swap around on the last screen.