(October 2013)

Posted & filed under Forced Continuity, Roach Motel. allows customers to sign up for a one month free trial which rolls over in to a paid subscription automatically and silently. If a customer then attempts to cancel their subscription, they are required to go through an arduous user journey to cancel. Firstly request to cancel via a comment form followed by the… Read more » (July 2013)

Posted & filed under Forced Continuity.

Some commenters have suggested in this blog post that uses the Forced Continuity dark pattern, in which a free trial silently rolls-over into a monthly paid service unless the consumer intervenes. Credit Expert Homepage The Google Instant Autocomplete tool implies other people have experienced this issue.  

Audible (May 2010)

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Audible uses a variation of the Forced Continuity dark pattern. When a user adds monthly billed items to their basket and proceeds into the checkout process, Audible fails to show that the items listed are not a one-off fees, and will in fact reoccur every month.   Step 1 of the check out process…. Read more »