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As reported by Phil Freo (“ not acting so honestly”). uses a tactic to bait unregistered users into thinking they received an anonymous review from someone in their social graph. Only after registering, “opting in” and disclosing their social graph, the user finds out there is no review.


Someone created a profile of you! Click “View your profile” to see a reviewIt goes something like this… an email is sent to a prospective user with the subject of “Someone created a profile for you…” (or similar verbiage), which leaves the impression that someone has left a public review about the user. Upon clicking the link to the user’s only option is to login with Facebook and give Honestly their Facebook info and a list of all the friends with the intention that the user will see a review. After completing the process, the user learns that there is no review.

The “Process”

  1. Login to Facebook
  2. Get your email address
  3. Try to get your email contacts
  4. Try to get your LinkedIn contacts
  5. “Like” them on Facebook. Specifically, they reveal this statement: “Review text will be available after you like us on Facebook.”

Step 5: “Review text will be available after you like us on Facebook.”

The result: no review.

No review. :/