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Below you can see a screengrab of the basket on after the user has clicked on the “book” button for a holiday listed as £259.00. You can see the original price (black arrow added for clarity on left to indicate) and the two extra items in the basket (black arrow on right – also added for clarity)

insurance and standard booking terms sneaked into basket

The insurance CAN be removed, however the user is shown a lightbox that warns them of the dire repercussions of opting out.

Similarly, if the user clicks on “Standard booking terms”, they are shown a lightbox that describes this as being upgrade from “Basic booking terms”. If the user takes the time to scroll though the lightbox content, they will see the (effectively buried) option to switch to “Basic booking terms” which are included in the holiday price. The confusion between “standard” and “basic” here seems to be intentional.

iFrame showing Standard booking terms as being an upgrade – even though no upgrade was requested.