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Kijiji is an eBay owned website similar to Craigslist, where users can sell and buy used items from others in the same geographical area. The user must create an ad in order to sell an item. Once the ad is submitted, the user will receive an email from Kijiji, which has a link to activate the ad.


Notification email from Kijiji, only giving the user one option (pay $5) to activate the ad.

There is no clear option for just activating your ad. Both options to activate your ad charge you extra for “promoting your ad”. (See screenshot below)


Once the user clicks on the link to activate an ad, he is taken to the payment screen


The user didn’t pay the fee and went back on the website and browsed for the item that was just posted. It was indeed active, but the user would not have known unless he had actively searched for his own ad.


What should have happened:

Kijiji should have displayed two links:

  1. One that clearly states “Activate your ad”
  2. Another that states “Promote and activate your ad for $5.00”