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This example combines a number of different Dark Patterns. When buying insurance on, the user eventually reaches a “Quote” page, equivalent to a basket view page. Two prominent monthly payment options are shown. There is in fact a third, substantially cheaper option. If you look at the grey box below the “Confirm & buy” button, small text explains “each payment includes a monthly charge of £9.37. Total amount payable is £1,194.96. […] Cash price is £1,101.26″. If the user notices this, they can click the orange text link “Change to a single payment” (above the “confirm & buy button”) and save £93.70. Thus, as well as being an example of the Sneak into Basket dark pattern, it is also an example of the Price Comparison Prevention dark pattern.

As well as this, you will also notice that the “Legal Protection” checkbox is preselected, so an unsuspecting user will not only pay over-the-odds with monthly repayments, they may also end up mistakenly buying legal cover too. extensively uses dark patterns on this page