AVG Installer (November 2013)

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When installing AVG free anti-virus the designers use misdirection in the hope you will accidentally install the accompanying toolbar.   What should have happened: The checkbox should be off by default.

Stamps.com (October 2013)

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Stamps.com allows customers to sign up for a one month free trial which rolls over in to a paid subscription automatically and silently. If a customer then attempts to cancel their subscription, they are required to go through an arduous user journey to cancel. Firstly request to cancel via a comment form followed by the… Read more »

Auslogics DiskDefrag Installer (October 2013)

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Auslogics auto-selects a checkbox during install of their software that leads to a customer downloading additional 3rd party ‘partner’ software.   What should have happend: The customer should be given the choice as to whether or not they wish to download the additional 3rd party software. The default state of the checkbox should be off… Read more »

Wired.co.uk (December 2010)

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Trying to unsubscribe from paying for delivery of the print edition of Wired magazine (in the UK) is far more difficult than it should be. This is likely to cause users to drop-out from the unsubscription process, causing Wired to generate more revenue than they would otherwise have done. Here’s a walk-through of one user’s… Read more »

Very.co.uk (October 2010)

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During the checkout process, very.co.uk have an option to pay using their own brand credit card (which requires you to sign up for one as part of the process). They cheekily hide the “pay with your own credit card” option right down at the bottom of the page, beneath a great sea of white space…. Read more »

geni.com (September 2010)

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The geni.com sign-up process is very elegant and well designed. However, what they don’t tell you is that in signing up, you are also opting in to 19(!) different types of email notification, including Geni.com marketing emails. As you may know, emails are a very valuable way of generating return traffic to a site. They… Read more »