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This example was submitted by Lee McIvor (here). Ryan Air cleverly uses an Anti-scan trick question, shown below. What’s interesting about this pattern is that it gives the site owner plausible deniability: they can claim that when you read the words on the page, it’s entirely clear what’s being said, so what’s the problem? In reality, people scan-read and a fair number of them will get caught out.

Ryanair’s Anti-Scan Trick Question appears at the top of this page.

The screengrab below shows a close-up of the anti-scan trick question:

A close-up of Ryanair’s Anti-Scan Trick Question.

Look below to see what happens if you attempt to submit the form without picking a response. Note how only the dropdown box is highlighted – drawing draws the user’s eye to the rather benign-sounding “Please select a country of residence”. Very clever.

On Error: Ryanair’s Anti-Scan Trick Question.