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During the checkout process, have an option to pay using their own brand credit card (which requires you to sign up for one as part of the process). They cheekily hide the “pay with your own credit card” option right down at the bottom of the page, beneath a great sea of white space. When you first load the page up, this is what you see: checkout process

The page layout and the single “Continue” button makes it easy for the user to assume that this is the only option on the page. In fact, if the user scrolls down, they will find a gulf of white space, and at the very bottom, they will see the option to pay with a different credit card: – the same page as above – scrolled down to bottom


Once a user has mistakenly gone down the route to sign up to their own-brand credit card, it’s very difficult (if not impossible) to return to this stage again without having to start the whole shopping process anew.

Although this is a dark pattern, it is poorly implemented and is unlikely to be delivering them great conversion rates on credit card applications or eCommerce transactions.