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When users update to Windows 8.1, Microsoft makes it difficult to get past the Sign into your Microsoft Account. Clicking Next does not allow the user to proceed. Microsoft does offer an option for Don’t have an account? but it is not linked, it’s simply text.

The remaining options are Create a new account and Privacy Statement. This is essentially forcing many users to create Microsoft accounts.


Windows 8.1 Update

In order to proceed with installation without creating a new account, the user actually has to select Create Account.

On the next page, at the bottom is a small link that says “Continue using my existing account.”

This lets the user chose his existing email account.


Create a new account OR sign in without a microsoft account

What Should Have Happened

1 – Microsoft should have given the user a clear option to sign in with an existing account and not force the user to click on Create Account. That is counter-intuitive and misleading.

2 – Microsoft should not have placed the Continue using my existing account link at the very bottom of the second screen. This option should have been offered at the very beginning of the installation/update process.